Commemorate Juneteenth with us by exploring various American perspectives on emancipation.

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Participate in our Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions program – which is rarely open to the public. Dive deep into the history behind Juneteenth’s complexities with a guided tour of President Lincoln’s Cottage followed by this intimate and multi-faceted program.

During the program, each participant gets a set of primary sources related to a specific historical person and their perspective on emancipation, and then participants debate the associated questions among themselves. The program lets participants grapple with the complex leadership and social justice questions Lincoln wrestled with while in residence at President Lincoln’s Cottage and gain a greater understanding of the history of emancipation in the United States. Led by our museum facilitator, the Lincoln’s Toughest Decisions is conversational and inquiry-based, and provides not only an informative look at the past but also an opportunity for reflection about the present.