District of Chic: Wearing the western trend for summer

Joie mini dress and western boots

When bourbon meets bluegrass, I feel like the attire is pretty straightforward. Some friends of ours invited us to a Bourbon and Bluegrass festival a few weeks ago and it was a great excuse to go full-on with the western trend. I think it’s pretty evident I’ve always been a fan of western style, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s had a recent resurgence. My favorite way to style it at the moment is with a cute mini dresswestern boots, and southwestern earrings.

The event was hosted at President Lincoln’s Cottage, a very cool and highly underrated spot with beautiful buildings and sweeping views of DC. If you’re looking for a good spot for a walk or a picnic, I can’t recommend this spot enough.

SubApollo sunglasses
silver feather earrings
Joie mini dress (more here)
silver bracelets
cowboy boots
Saddleback Leather bag

Joie mini dress and western boots

See the full photoshoot here

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