December 2021 Newsletter

Wishing you Peace and Joy this Holiday Season!

2021 has been a difficult year. We hope you continue to find President Lincoln’s Cottage to be a place of reflection, renewal, and hope as the Lincolns did in another dark time for our country.

If you are missing someone you love this holiday season, we invite you to memorialize them in our exhibit Reflections on Grief and Child Loss. If you are looking for a meaningful multi-generational experience, we hope you’ll consider a Cottage tour. If you are in need of a thoughtful walk through beautiful grounds, we hope you’ll take our Landscape tour.

Wishing you light, peace, and joy,

The President Lincoln’s Cottage Team

Who was Henson Carrol?

Who was Henson Carrol and how is his story connected to President Lincoln’s Cottage? Watch “The Price of Freedom” episode of the NBC show Roots Less Traveled to find out.

Watch the episode here.

Last Chance to Order our “Fido” Lincoln Letter

ORDER HERE BY THIS SUNDAY (12/12) and receive a personalized letter mailed directly to your home. The letter is part of a unique story inspired by Abraham Lincoln and his beloved dog Fido (pictured above in all of his hirsute glory).

Throughout the letter, you will be challenged to piece together puzzles, find hidden clues, and solve problems.

Store Spotlight: Our New Ornament

Every year our ornaments reflect different aspects of President Lincoln’s Cottage. Our 2021 ornament is a token of our exhibit, Reflections on Grief and Child Loss. At the center of the exhibit is a large weeping willow tree where families have shared remembrances of lost loved ones. The willow was a prevalent symbol of mourning in the antebellum era, and the ornament represents the special and powerful love that is grief. Click here to shop our custom ornaments.

Plan a Holiday Tour with your Family

Looking for a unique experience to share with your family over the holidays? Join us for our award-winning tours which offer a refreshing-thought provoking look at President Lincoln through stories of his time here at the Cottage. All frontline staff are trained to insure that tours are reflective, intergenerational experiences. Tours are offered every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years Day when our offices will be closed. Advanced purchase strongly advised.


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