Cottage Madness: Best Civil War Facial Name Semifinal

Round 3 of Cottage Madness is now live! Did your favorite make the cut?

Click here to determine the finalists for Best Civil War Facial Hair:

Here are the headlines from Round:

Ambrose Ambushes Abraham!

1. Ambrose Burnside 82.35{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}
9. Abraham Lincoln 17.65

Stanton Drops Ball  

5. James Presley Ball 37.50{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}
4. Edwin Stanton 62.50{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350} 

Grant Continues to Butcher Higher Seeds

3. Rosewell Sabine Ripley 37.50{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}
11. Ulysses S. Grant 62.50{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}

The Welles Runneth over Cooper

7. Peter Cooper 43.75{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}
2. Gideon Welles 56.25{f8375f47ae67af23d41895d389f5f1bd2473dc9169ad9eb3f7b4c1f331050350}


Round 3 ends Sunday 3/24 at 11:59 PM. That’s a lot of time to mull over mustaches.



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