The Blizzard of 2016

The Cottage Tycoon

The Cottage Tycoon

A massive snowstorm hit the Washington, DC Metro Area on January 22-24, 2016. The blizzard left nearly two feet of snow at President Lincoln’s Cottage. Take a look at some of the photos recording the wintry event and its aftermath at the Cottage.

The Storm Hits

Take a look at this “time lapse” of the snow building up around the south lawn of President Lincoln’s Cottage starting Friday afternoon going through Saturday and ending Sunday morning.

Blizzard 2016 Time Lapse GIF

North face of the Cottage – before and after

Visitor Education Center


After the storm ended Sunday morning, President Lincoln’s Cottage, like much of the DC area, was closed Monday and Tuesday, January 25-26. We reopened Wednesday, January 27, but still had a little work to do clearing the sidewalks around the Cottage for tours.

Unfortunately, a pipe from our gutter and drainage system was ripped off the roof by sliding snow and ice. The repairs were made quickly, though, on Thursday, January 28.

A Little Fun

And of course, what’s a snowstorm without some fun…

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