Adding a New Dimension to Lincoln

By Erin Carlson Mast

Sometimes it seems like there is so much “Lincoln” around there cannot possibly be room for more. Lincoln touched this and that. Lincoln slept here and there. What else could there be to learn or experience? At President Lincoln’s Cottage we feel we have something new and different to offer you. We provide an opportunity for the public to discover something new about President Lincoln’s private and public life while experiencing the original place (not a recreation) where he lived and worked for over a full quarter of his presidency.

The experience does not end there. If you’re interested in learning more, our staff is always happy to recommend further reading or other historic sites you might enjoy.  The following feedback, published here with the visitor’s permission, was received this week and exemplifies the kind of experience we strive to create for all of our visitors:

My husband, my friend and I visited the Cottage the day before Thanksgiving.

Scott Ackerman was our guide and after the tour he was able to join us for a few minutes in the Gift Shop. Scott is very knowledgeable and after speaking with him we bought yet another book (3 total).

For some reason the setting at the Soldiers’ Home is conducive to ‘feeling’ Lincoln. It reminds me of when we went to Mt. Vernon to walk through George Washington’s home. I got a sense of him walking, talking and seeing. It is a wonderful setting for the stories that were told to us about him. I also loved the fact that the only time they add furniture is when they know it is authentic replicas.

We visited the impressive Lincoln Museum in Springfield, Illinois and Ford’s Theatre, but this definitely added a dimension to our knowledge of Lincoln.

Thank you and please thank Scott for us.

E. and J. Roberts

We thank the Roberts family for sending their comments.  They have certainly visited a range of Lincoln sites and we’re happy to be among them.

Ms. Mast is the Curator of President Lincoln’s Cottage.
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