2019 SOS Students Opposing Slavery International Summit Recap

The 2019 Students Opposing Slavery International Summit concluded this weekend, having run from Sunday June 23-Friday June 28. We welcomed 19 participants from all over the world to the Cottage to get informed about human trafficking, build a network of youth abolitionists, and continue Lincoln’s unfinished work.

Read below for reflections from participants, and images of their work throughout the week.

Kashmeera (Malaysia): “Working at home can feel like talking to a wall sometimes, and coming here and realizing that other people care too, it makes my heart really full and to see that maybe this is all worth fighting for.”

Grace (Pennsylvania): I knew that I wanted to go into somewhere in business, because that’s one of my skills, but after how much they were talking about how supply chain controls the money, which influences this kind of stuff [trafficking], I was thinking, ok, like, what I want to do, I can use for this.”

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