Yabilad: American Civil War : When Morocco violated its neutrality arresting two Confederate diplomats

The Moroccan authorities arrested, in 1862, two Confederate diplomats who visited Tangier. The arrest was ordered by the U.S. Consul James DeLong who held the two men in prison and sent them to Boston, in a move that violated Morocco’s neutrality.

In the 1860s, Morocco was at the heart of a diplomatic crisis that involved the United States, North American unrecognized state the Confederacy, France and Great Britain. As friend of the United States of America, Morocco arrested two diplomats from the «Confederate States of America», who visited Tangier in the winter of 1862.

The incident, which angered European powers and violated Morocco’s neutrality during the American Civil War, was orchestrated by the U.S. Consul James DeLong, who ordered the arrest of the two Confederate diplomats Henry Myers and Tom Tunstall.

The two men sailed in a ship from Cadiz, a port city in Southern Spain, to Tangier to visit an ill friend. They were taken by surprise when wandering in the Moroccan city and were held prisoners in the American Legation.

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